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Neutral Baby First Steps Walking Shoes

Neutral Baby First Steps Walking Shoes

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FIRST STEPS ♡ our gender-neutral baby shoes are designed to provide all-day comfort and style to your little ones! made using high-grade PU leather, these shoes boast superior flexibility, durability, and lightweight feel, along with effortless cleaning. featuring plush padded insoles and non-slip rubber soles, your baby's feet will remain cozy and secure at all times.

♡ these shoes are ideal for babies, toddlers, and first-time walkers. we have designed our shoes to support the development of your baby's feet as they grow. our commitment to quality means you can count on our shoes to last through even the most active playtime!

♡ what will you receive, ONE pair of baby shoes, your choice of FOUR colours: black, grey, navy blue, and khaki.

*IMPORTANT: when it comes to selecting the appropriate shoe size for your baby, there are a few steps you should follow:

1. instead of relying on your baby's age, use the length of the sole to determine the shoe size.
2. measure your baby's foot length from heel to toe using a tape measure or ruler.
3. add extra space for socks if you plan to have your baby wear them with the shoes.
4. use the resulting size to choose the correct shoe size from the size chart provided.

if the closest size is too close to your baby's measured size, it's better to go up to the next size for a better fit. by following these steps, you'll be able to find the right shoe size for your baby that ensures a comfortable fit and helps promote healthy foot development.

♡ -- size measurements (cm)/(in) --

(0-6 months): length-insole: 11.0/4.3 | US size: 2 |

(6-12 months): length-insole: 11.8/4.6 | US size: 3 |

(12-18 months): length-insole: 12.6/4.9 | US size: 4 |

♡ note:
- there may be a 2-3% difference in measurements, so kindly check the measurement chart carefully before making a purchase (1 in = 2.54 cm).
- please allow for slight colour differences due to lighting and screen displays.
- the ESTIMATED SHIPPING time provided is only an estimation*, and we cannot guarantee the exact delivery date of your order. we do our best to ensure timely delivery, but unforeseen circumstances may cause delays.
- if you order more than one item, you will receive TWO tracking numbers.


**DISCLAIMER** - we have collaborated with a manufacturer overseas to provide you with this high-quality product.

- the shipping time provided is only an ESTIMATION*, and we CANNOT guarantee the exact delivery date of your order. we do our best to ensure timely delivery, but unforeseen circumstances may cause delays.

♡ thank you for visiting our shop and for trusting us with your baby's needs. we hope our products will meet your expectations. we are committed to providing you with high quality products and service!

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