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Waterproof Long Sleeve Toddler & Baby Bibs

Waterproof Long Sleeve Toddler & Baby Bibs

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NO MORE MESS ♡ while feeding babies, especially those who follow the baby-led weaning approach, can create a bit of mess, it is essential to note that this practice offers long-term benefits. so here's a long sleeve & waterproof bib perfect for those little explorers!

how will these long sleeve bibs cut cleaning time in half?

1. cleaning the baby will be quick & easy as the bib is "waterproof"
2. laundry will be easier because there will be less stains on their clothes.
3. simply wipe the bib and you'll be ready to use them again for the next feeding session!
4. floor will be less dirty as the bib has a front pocket that helps catch some food.

♡ ONE SIZE for toddlers/babies ages 12-36 months.

♡ what will you receive? ONE waterproof, full coverage baby/toddler bib, your choice of SEVEN beautiful designs: blue mice, brown mice, oranges, pink polka dots, cat, lion, or floral.


- HAND wash with warm soapy water & then hang to dry. do NOT use a coarse brush to scrub the bibs and please do NOT machine wash bibs as this can cause some of the designs to fade. 
- do not tumble dry or bleach.
- any damage caused by improper washing techniques is NOT our responsibility.

♡ -- size measurements (cm)/(in) -- ♡ 

- bib length: 44.5/17.52 | bust: 35/13.78 | sleeve length: 41/16.14

IMPORTANT* as a result of the printing process, the bib may emit a slight odor upon receipt. however, this is not due to any issue with the fabric. to eliminate the smell, you can simply remove the bib from the package and place it in a well-ventilated area for 1-2 days, and the odor will gradually dissipate.

♡ note:
- there may be a 2-3% deviation in size due to manual measurements.
- please allow for slight colour differences due to lighting and screen displays.
- the ESTIMATED SHIPPING time provided is only an estimation*, and we cannot guarantee the exact delivery date of your order. we do our best to ensure timely delivery, but unforeseen circumstances may cause delays.
- if you order more than one item from our shop, you will receive TWO separate tracking numbers.


**DISCLAIMER** - we have collaborated with a manufacturer overseas to provide you with this high-quality product.

- the shipping time provided is only an ESTIMATION*, and we CANNOT guarantee the exact delivery date of your order. we do our best to ensure timely delivery, but unforeseen circumstances may cause delays.

♡ thank you for visiting our shop and for trusting us with your baby's needs. we hope our products will meet your expectations. we are committed to providing you with high quality products and service!

please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional inquiries that you may have! ♡

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